Spring Is Near: Liven Those Tresses With Color

Spring Is Near: Liven Those Tresses With Color

The dry and dreary winter is passing and the newness of Spring is near! I love when seasons change and spring is my fav! I love to see the new leaves come in and beautiful flowers bloom providing us with colorful bliss in hopes of great things to come. Spring provides a great chance to experiment with hair color-as many different colors as your adventurous heart so desires. Here are some hair tips for keeping colored hair healthy whether natural, relaxed or transitioning. Let’s get into it!

Tip #1 Start Off Healthy

It’s no secret that hair coloring is a chemical process and can be rough on the hair. Hair coloring requires a strong and healthy foundation. Before adding color to your hair make sure that your hair is in the best shape possible as color will breakdown and weaken the structure of the hair. Color also requires major upkeep to ensure that as the color grows out that your thrives. Putting color on already dry, brittle or damaged hair is a sure fire way to see short broken hair falling all over the bathroom sink and possibly even strands of hair coming out by the droves. Color will not make your hair look healthy nor will it repair damaged hair. If your hair is not where it should be prior to color treatment, postpone it. Allow yourself the time to care for your hair to get things back on track first.

Tip # 2 Find Your Color and Rock It

I remember growing up (many years ago, lol) and to see an African American Woman rocking bold hair colors such as red, auburn, or dare I say it-Platinum Blonde was taboo. However, even as a child I couldn’t help but admire how beautiful “bold” hair colors complimented every shade of our melanin. So go for it! Find the color that speaks to you or step out of your comfort zone. I got an early start this season and I am currently rocking an auburn type ombre color and I LOVE IT!! What color will you rock this season?


Tip #3 Deep Condition! Deep Condition! Deep Condition!

Remember how I said that hair color requires major upkeep? Deep conditioning colored hair is a must. But don’t worry you don’t have to break the bank buying high end hair products to keep those tresses in check. Here’s is a bonus tip- adding your favorite oil to cheaper conditioners such as Herbal Essence or Suave conditioners to maximize the moisture. If you need a good hair oil to add to your codish-be sure to check out Hair All Down My Back, LLC to score a bottle of Step 2 Moisture and Shine Light Oil or Step 3 Deep Conditioning Scalp and Hair Growth Oil. We use only pure essential and carrier oils that we are sure you will love. Click the link to order today www.hairalldownmyback.com

Tip# 4 Trim Ends As Needed

Keep your ends in good health by trimming them every 8 weeks, more often than the recommended 8-12 weeks for non-colored hair. Healthy ends=Healthy Hair.

Tip#5 Skeptical About the Color? Try It Out By Using Temporary Color Options

Permanent Color is a huge commitment. Before betting the farm with permanent color, play with colored extensions, clip ins,, rinses, human hair wigs or synthetic wigs to try the color out first and to also get used to seeing yourself in different hair colors. This is also a great way to help you figure out which colors might be best for your skin tone.

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