New Year’s Hair Resolution

New Year’s Hair Resolution

Cheers to a New Year!! A brand new year means a set of brand new goals — Hair Goals that is! J With all that there is to do in life, we owe it to ourselves to upgrade our lives, our style, and, yes, our hair. Here are a few ideas on hair resolutions to consider and maybe even add a few to the rest of your goals. My hope for you is that 2018 will be a year where all your goals are met, blessings overflow, health has no end, opportunities are gained, love is lasting, and yup--fabulous hair!

Resolution #1 Put Your Hair on a Budget

Girl, bundles aren’t cheap and going to the salon on a weekly basis isn’t either. If saving money is already on your list of resolutions, then take some time to take inventory on how much hair maintenance cost you in 2017 and make any changes needed. Only you know where you can pinch and save, or splurge and spend. Here are some good options if you are leaning more towards scaling back: learn how to do your own braids or sew ins. Or instead of a wash, color, and set at the salon-do your wash and set on your own. Try getting some of your services at beauty schools. You would be surprised at some of the skills the cosmetology students already have and the services tend to be cheaper.

Resolution #2 Switch It Up

Life is about living and exploring! Sis, if you have been rocking the same ‘do for ten years then it’s time to switch things up a bit. Try a bold cut or a new color. Add hair extensions or rock a cute wig. Options are plenty so don’t hold back. Find a look that suits you and have fun, who knows you may uncover a new you!

Resolution #3 Be Kind To Your Hair

Hair can easily be abused from all the tugging, pulling, styling and even combing. When taking down a protective style, try not to rake the comb violently through the hair to detangle. Doing so, is a sure way to lose the hair you hoped to have gained from the protective style. Instead, start combing from the ends working your way up to the roots of your hair to detangle. Once at the root, add a good leave in conditioner that has detangling properties. Moisturize the hair and comb through the hair once more to ensure the hair is properly moisturized and detangled. If you are looking for a good leave in conditioner try Hair All Down My Back, LLC Step 1 Daily Moisturizing Leave In Conditioner (shameless plug J). Be kind to your hair, add regular deep conditioning treatments to your haircare routine and always give your hair a few days break after taking down a protective style. Trust me, your hair will thank you for the gentleness.

Resolution #4 Embrace Kinky-Coily Imperfections

I am a huge advocate that hair does not have to be laid ALL the time, edges don’t have to be slicked down with gel EVERY-day. Embrace the kinks, the coils, and dare I say it-the naps! Pressing, flat ironing, relaxing, gelling hair into submission should be a thing of the past. So what there is a coil or two, or three-who cares, it’s who we were created to be. Kinky-Coily is the new norm.

Resolution #5 Be Brave and Big Chop

If you have already been transitioning for a while, let 2018 be the year you decide on a day to do the Big Chop. Make a big deal of it, mentally and emotionally prepare to take the leap and the cellphone and take all the selfies you want, post it on your fav social media site and flaunt it to the world!

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