Don’t Believe the Hype: Misconceptions About Natural Hair

Don’t Believe the Hype: Misconceptions About Natural Hair

 When it comes to natural hair and the natural hair movement there are numerous misconceptions, myths, and misinformation. While it’s good to embrace our tresses it’s not always so wise to embrace everything we see, hear or read. Here are a few misconceptions we’ve decided to de-myth. Happy Hair Journey.


#1 Going Natural Is The Surest Way To Stop Hair Loss, Make Hair Thicker, and Make Hair Grow

Not a full misconception, but definitely a partial truth. Eliminating chemicals and relaxers will improve the health of your hair but bringing back the overall health of your hair takes more than just growing out chemical treatments. Genetics and physical, mental and even emotional health play a major role in how hair grows and thrive with or without chemicals. 

#2 You Can Only Achieve The Perfect Style With Top Of The Line Products

Save that money Girl! Nailing the perfect flat twist, perm rod, or bantu knots doesn’t have to break the bank. Just because products are top of the line does not guarantee quality ingredients. Price also does guarantee your hair will respond well to high end products better than not so high end products. Figuring out what your hair likes is trial and error. My suggestions is to be open you never know where can strike hair product gold. The Dollar Tree and Dollar General have been known to house secret treasures that are super easy on the pockets.

#3 Natural Hair Means Self-Love and Relaxed Hair Means Self-Hate

Let’s end the feud between natural and relaxed hair. Self-love has nothing to do with curl pattern or if your hair is “fried, dyed and laid to the side.” Frankly, I have come across many Queens with natural hair who suffer from low self-esteem as well as some who are relaxed. How any of us choose to wear our hair is just that- a choice.

#4 Oil Is A Moisturizer

Oils seal in and lock in moisture into the hair. Oils don’t provide moisture themselves. Truth is, oils repel moisture-which is how they keep moisture from escaping your hair. You must apply a Moisturizing Leave in Conditioner first and then apply an oil of your choice. Applying oils to your hair without using a leave in conditioner first will lead to dry parched hair. If you are in the market for a good affordable moisturizing leave in conditioners be sure to order a bottle of Hair All Down My Back Step 1 Daily Moisturizing Leave In Conditioner.

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